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The Ford Drug Company

The Ford Drug Co. was Longmeadow's first drug store

It opened in 1917 and was located in the newly built large block of businesses at the corner of Bliss Road and Longmeadow Street. This block was called the "Colonnade". William M. Kennedy was the President and Treasurer of the Ford Drug Company. He and his wife Winifred lived in Springfield, MA. In 1936 Mr. Kennedy retired and sold his business to Longmeadow, MA resident Frank M. Smith.

Mr. Smith and his wife Sophia T. had built a house at 54 Hopkins Place in 1923. He was a pharmacist and had graduated from the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy in Boston, MA. Before purchasing the Ford Drug Co., Frank M. Smith had worked in drug stores in this area. After buying this business the name was changed to the Smith Pharmacy and it also became a family business. Their son Donald V. graduated from Western Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1942. He took over the business after his father died in 1955. Donald V., his wife Tessie A. and children Donald and Dianne lived at 40 Birnie Road in Longmeadow.

It's also interesting to note that in 1936 there were 2 gentlemen named Frank Smith that lived and worked in Longmeadow, MA. Frank Madison Smith was a pharmacist and owned the Smith Pharmacy. Frank Everdell Smith was the Town Clerk, Treasurer and Tax Collector for Longmeadow, MA.

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Contributed by Judy Moran, Genealogist, Special Projects-Longmeadow Historical Society

Originally published June 11, 2020

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