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Bliss Road Intersection c. 1956

Recent eBay acquisition

Longmeadow, 1956

Here’s another neat little eBay find we recently acquired! How do you like this postcard image of the intersection of Bliss Road and Longmeadow Street? What really sold us on it was all of the vintage automobiles!

Looking back at the 1956 Annual Town Report shows that it was another period of rapid growth. The estimated town population in 1956 was 9,000 residents. There was lots of talk in town meetings about sewer work, street paving, and sidewalk building. Wolf Swamp School was brand new. The first ever Longmeadow High School was, too. The Police Department was petitioning for a new facility so they could move out of the two rooms they occupied in the basement of Town Hall. The Community House showed movies, the Yacht Club was granted a building permit, the streets around Center School were too congested at drop-off and pick-up time, and 50 people were treated for communicable diseases from dog bites.

Enjoy this little snapshot of life from not too long ago, and share your memories if you were here in town in the 1950’s! Tune in to next week's History Note when we share the story of a deadly 1905 Trolley Crash just south of where this image was taken.

All of the following images are from the 1956 Town of Longmeadow Annual Report

Originally published October 27, 2022

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