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Proceedings at the Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Longmeadow

Written in 1883 for the 100th anniversary celebration of the incorporation of Longmeadow, this book contains considerable historical information, as well as, a town genealogy. It is available through Google books here.

Longmeadow's Sesquicentennial Official Souvenir 

This book was written by Edgar Holmes Plummer in 1933. It contains an outline of the proceedings of the Sesquicentennial Celebration, names of the several committees, together with articles and items of interest pertaining to old Longmeadow and records of the town's progress from 1883-1933. A digital copy can be found here. 

Reflections on Longmeadow

According to its Introduction: "Reflections is a mini-history if measured by its length, but its comprehensive although compressed treatment raises it to a level above the usual town history. Supplementing the readable and interesting text are many fine illustrations carefully selected from the Historical Society archives or kindly lent to the project by interested residents." This book was published in 1983 for the town's bicentennial and was co-edited by Mary Rogeness and Linda Rodger.  

The full book can be found here.

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