Origin of the Longmeadow Historical Society

by Mrs. George Brewer, Board member- Longmeadow Historical Society- December 10, 1912

This following article was published in Volume 1, No. 1 issue of The Town Crier.

Some may not know that the inspiration resulting in the organization of the Longmeadow Historical Society originated in the Longmeadow Woman's Club.

At a meeting with Mrs. T. W. Leete on December 28, 1898, the president, Mrs. D. T. Smith, after the completion of the program, called a business meeting when Mrs. Leete strongly advocated the organization of an Historical Society in Longmeadow. Mrs. Leete and Miss Alice L. Noble were appointed to confer with Dr. S. G. Barnes and look the matter up.

In March, 1899, Mrs. Leete and Miss Noble reported very favorably to the Club and much enthusiasm was aroused on June 3 at a meeting of the Sewing Society in the chapel. Dr. Barnes presided at an informal gathering, in which Mrs. J. B. Burbank served as secretary, and there was a discussion of a constitution and by-laws. A number of things of historic value were shown and interest in the project greatly stimulated.

On October 26 and 27 a splendid loan exhibition was held, which far exceeded expectations, and on November 23, 1899, at a meeting in the chapel, W. B. Medlicott, having procured the incorporation papers in Boston, a permanent organization was formed and these officers elected: President, Dr. S. G. Barnes VicePresident, Miss Alice L. Noble Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. G. M. McQueen Directors, W. B. Medlicott, Mrs. T. W. Leete, Mrs. W. S. Bacon, Miss Josephine Meacham.   The object of the Society was to prepare and receive historical papers, provide lectures, collect old papers, furniture, and articles illustrating the life of past days, and develop an interest in the history of the town.

From Mrs. George Brewer's Historian's Report, 1909.

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