Lieutenant (J.G.) Morgan Wesson- A Longmeadow Hero
by Judy Moran- March 2017

Morgan Wesson was a resident of the town of Longmeadow, MA.  He was born on December 19, 1918 and was the son of Lieut. Colonel & Mrs. Victor H. Wesson.  The family lived at 135 Forest Glen Road.  His great-grandfather, Daniel B. Wesson, was a co-founder of Smith & Wesson in Springfield, MA.

After graduating from Yale University in 1941, this young man was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy.  Ensign Morgan Wesson was called to active duty in August of that year during World War II and he studied communications at Annapolis, MD.  He was assigned to his ship, the USS Atlanta.  In June of 1942 Ensign Wesson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (J.G.). 

On November 13, 1942 this brave 23 year old officer paid the ultimate sacrifice.  He was killed in action aboard the USS Atlanta and his body was lost at sea.  This was during the battle of the Solomon Islands off Guadalcanal.

The Albert T. Wood Post of the American Legion presented his mother, Mrs. Eleanor  M. Wesson, with a citation issued by the national organization.  It was for her son’s service and sacrifice to his country during World War II.  Lieut. Wesson was the first man killed in action from Longmeadow.”
Source: Springfield Republican- June 14, 1943.     

On July 28, 1943 Lieut. (J.G.) Morgan Wesson was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart.

A Destroyer Escort, the Wesson, was commemorated in his honor.  The Wesson was launched on October 17, 1943  at Port Newark, NJ honoring his service to our country.

Lieut. (J.G.) Morgan Wesson’s memorial stone is located in the Hillcrest Park Cemetery in Springfield, MA.   


Photo: Courtesy of The Wood Museum of Springfield History
1920 United States Federal Census
1940 United States Federal Census
Springfield Republican- June 14, 1943; October 18, 1943

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