Many of the following articles have been previously published in the hardcopy version of the Town Crier- the official publication of the Longmeadow Historical Society.  New articles for our new electronic version of the Town Crier will be posted here.

Lieut. (J.G.) Morgan Wesson- A Longmeadow Hero  by Judy Moran, Genealogist, March 2017

Enslaved in Longmeadow by Elizabeth Hoff, Board member, July 2016

What is the May Breakfast? by Erica Paul, Summer 2014-2015 Intern, Fall 2015 Issue

Springfield Soldiers' Fair by Spencer Janes, Summer 2011 Intern

Edward G. Wilkin- A Longmeadow Hero by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, May 2011 issue

Myths and Legends by Linda C. Abrams, Curator and Michael Gelinas, President, May 2011 issue

Paesiello Emerson by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, October 2010 issue

Two Villages... Sandstone... Two Suburbs by Michael Gelinas, President, October 2010 issue

Ice Harvesting by Terry Shotland, Board member, May 2010

Historic Home Closeup- The Widows at Number 734 by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, May 2009 issue

Alonzo Converse- Longmeadow's Last Riverboat Pilot by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, October 2007 Issue

Gardner Colton, Nathan Keep and Painless Dentistry by Michael Gelinas, Board Member, Oct. 2007 Issue

Calvin Colton and the New Nation by Michael Gelinas, Board Member, February 2007 Issue

The Doane Orphanage by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, May 2006 issue

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere... by Michael Gelinas, Board member, Longmeadow Historical Society

The Born House: Henrietta's Home by Linda C. Abrams, Curator, May 2005 issue

663 Longmeadow Street: A History by Sydney Leavens, Timothy Paige Memorial Award Submission,
April 25, 1998

The Jorey Homestead by Ruth O'Brien, January 1985

A Sketch of the Jorey Sisters on Bliss Road by Betty Howland and Edward Ten Broeck (1983)

Origin of the Longmeadow Historical Society by Mrs. George Brewer/ Town Historian, December 10, 1912


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