Storrs House Treasures


Visitors to the Storrs House are impressed with this colonial home. Its large rooms with its many fine pieces of early furniture, choice items of tableware, and paintings and portraits on view never fail to delight.

The wide central staircase leading to the second floor provides an entry to four rooms, three of which are bedrooms. The closets of each are crowded with gowns, coats, and hats made of natural fibers that are rarely used in their manufacture in our world of synthetics.

Through the years, most of these articles have been identified, explored, and prepared for display by many dedicated professionals, historians. and volunteers. This is a continuing process. Wooden hangers are being padded to protect fragile garments. Humidifiers are installed in two areas where casual storing of these items would be destructive to wood, cloth, and paper.

Interesting as the above artifacts are to admire and appreciate, current trends are toward investigating and using primary sources. Vast quantities of written accounts reflecting the lively social and business doings of colonial people have been sorted and filed. These records are a joy to researchers eager to reveal .and interpret what has been recorded by individuals who experienced the joys and problems of the time.

Scrapbooks, which are now indexed, are filled with newspaper accounts of Longmeadow doings. Photographs of houses, people and sites in Longmeadow are being identified and labeled for reference files. All of the Stephen Williams diaries have been indexed and indexing of other primary source materials is ongoing by the Curator.

Family histories, town departmental histories, businessmen's account books, children's copybooks, lists of club meetings, sermons. deeds, and personal letters, all handwritten, are awaiting transcription for easier perusal. These papers were donated to us for preservation. This has been done, encompassing data of the 18th,19th, and 20th centuries.

We treasure the diaries and written commentaries stored in our vault at the Storrs House. We preserve the furnishings and memorabilia placed throughout the building. All of these are a valuable source of information to the early formation of our country.

There is much material in our files that is fascinating to all of us in town. There is even more that would interest our country as a whole, for example, The Temperance Society Constitution.

With careful editing and the gathering of related subject matter now in our files, publication of certain papers should be considered.

Mabel A. Swanson
Former Curator and Archivist
Longmeadow Historical Society


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