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The Mansions of Bay Path University

Longmeadow is filled with numerous majestic historic homes. The tales of many of these homes are well known. Other homes have fascinating histories that could become forgotten. Two such magnificent homes are the Page/Wallace (Deepwood) and Robinson Estates. These two homes are located on the Bay Path University campus.

The property where Bay Path University is currently located was originally part of the Ethan C. Ely property. His ancestor Jonathan Ely settled in the precinct of Longmeadow in 1694. The Ely estate had remained in the family since 1758. Ethan and his father built a brick home with stone trimming in 1856. He was listed in the town directory as a farmer. The natural beauty of the property was carefully preserved and filled with a variety of trees and thus referred to as “Ely’s grove”.

Ethan C. Ely

Ely’s Grove early 1900's

Ethan Ely's Home 1908

Ethan C. Ely died in 1906. He had no direct heirs as his wife had died 40 years previously and his two children died early in life. The property was eventually sold to J. B. Burbank, a neighbor and real estate entrepreneur. The property was then sold to George Hendee (owner of Indian Motocycle) upon his retirement. He did stake out land to build an estate as indicated on the 1912 Longmeadow map.

Mr. Hendee never built this home and instead built a palatial estate in Suffield, CT. The property was then sold to Frank Page and his estate was built at 588 Longmeadow Street.

Mr. Page was the wealthy owner and founder of the National Equipment Company in Springfield.

Mr. Page