One More Face of 734 Longmeadow Street

by Jim Moran, Board Member, Longmeadow Historical Society
May 14, 2020

One additional "face" of the Brewer-Young mansion that lasted for almost 60 years was the one shown in the above photo in which the windows look dark.  Heavy gauge screens (see photo below) were installed on the outside of the windows by Mary Ida Young in the early 1930's as a security measure against intruders and break-ins.

It is believed that the Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1929 was one of the reasons that prompted Mary Ida Young to make this change.  The Great Depression happening during this period may have been another factor.

These screens remained in place until 1989 when the BY mansion was purchased by Tim Paige and Gerry Ross.   Removal of the screens was one of the first changes made by the new owners.



One other security measurement in the house was a large walk-in safe in the basement that was built into the foundation.  Date of installation is not known but it is thought to have occurred in early 1930's.  A recent photo (courtesy, MassLive) of the safe is shown below.


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