Below is a Google tool that provides search capability to a digital summary of the Longmeadow related archives available at Storrs House Museum and elsewhere in Western MA.  
This work was supported by a 2017-2018 grant Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

This Adobe pdf document (SHM Archives) provides an alternate search tool to the digital summary of the Longmeadow related archives available at Storrs House Museum and elsewhere in Western MA.

Below are some additional links to online resources that may be useful with searches related to the history of Longmeadow, MA and its early residents.

Official Longmeadow Town Records

Longmeadow Historic Book References 

Historic Photos

  • Emerson Photograph Database
    This pdf file is a database with metadata for the Emerson collection of images.  Most of the information was derived from the Emerson's photography journal.  Many of the photos in the database do not have complete information regarding location or dates.
  • Emerson Photo Collection/ Digital Commonwealth Online
    The entire collection of 1500+ Emerson photos are now online on the Digital Commonwealth- The large majority of these photos were taken in Longmeadow but some of them were taken in other Massachusetts communities including Spencer, Holyoke, Springfield, Framingham, and East Brookfield. Photo details including ID's and description can be found through search.

Historic Buildings

Longmeadow Historical Society Publications

Historic Map Resources

Longmeadow Street Directories

* = includes East Longmeadow Directory

Longmeadow Family Genealogies

Local Cemetery Information and Records


  • Architectural Styles
    This online guide by Historic New England is intended as an introduction to American domestic architectural styles beginning with seventeenth-century colonial architecture through the Colonial Revival architecture of the early twentieth century.

Other References


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